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ESO celebrates win in regional inter college speaking contest

ESO celebrates win in regional inter college speaking contest

Organised by Emirates Environmental Group (EEG), the occasion brought with each other more than 380 like-minded students from across the MENA area to debate environmental conservation subjects which includes ‘Sustainable built Environment: Are we achieving it?’, ‘Impact of fashion and makeup industry on the environment’, ‘The future of Agriculture in the Middle East’, and ‘Impact of wars on the environment’.

The 2018 edition of the competitors saw the Oman teams rise to the challenge, securing leading positions against difficult competitors from their peers. Team ‘Synergy’ from the Higher College of Technology won initial spot for their compelling discussion on the ‘Impact of fashion and makeup industry on the environment’, although team ‘Naqa’ from Sultan Qaboos University came third.

The ‘Kaizen’ team from A’sharqiah University came second for their discussion on ‘The Future of Agriculture in the Middle East’ although Team ‘Bunya’ from Sultan Qaboos University was came third in the ‘Sustainable built Environment’ debate. Team ‘Green Footprint’ from Military College of Technology came third in the discussion on the ‘Impact of Wars on the Environment’.

Dareen Mehdi, board member, ESO, stated, “We are extremely proud to see these teams recognised for their remarkable ambition. They have showcased accurate passion for the atmosphere, and creating a alter via believed-provoking study and discussions.

“The regional competition was a great opportunity for them to exhibit their talents and learn from talks presented by their international peers.”
Habiba al Mar’ashi, chairperson, EEG, stated, “We were pleased to see these teams from Oman come so far in this competition. They had the opportunity to learn about important environmental issues and build their confidence, and also offered them a platform to become young ambassadors of their country, representing the educational calibre of Oman.”

ESO has partnered with EEG to roll out the competitors in Oman in 2012 and given that then has helped hundreds of teams to participate in the regional competitors.

This year’s edition saw more than 160 students forming 40 teams representing colleges and universities in Oman compete for the chance to go to UAE and present their tips on environmental conservation.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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