Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Eshraqa supports Oman’s first Mental Health Forum

Eshraqa supports Oman’s initial Mental Health Forum

Organised by Whispers of Serenity, the initial mental well being clinic in Muscat, the occasion was held below the theme ‘Not Alone Stories, My Secret to Change’. The conference was rooted in the achievement of the ‘Not Alone’ campaign and an extension of it, led by Sayyida Basma, a mental well being activist and founder of the organising clinic.

Nailesh Khimji, director of Khimji Ramdas, stated, “The quality of life we enjoy is contingent upon good health, and as per global statistics, mental health issues are an incredibly normal and unavoidable occurrence that we must educate on and manage if we want to achieve well-being in society. We are proud to have sponsored this landmark event and identify the forum as an outstanding contribution to the healthcare sector as a primary point of commitment for Eshraqa’s CSR engagements. We hope that our collaboration contributes to the impact promised by Whispers of Serenity, as one of Oman’s leading authorities in the field. We thank Sayyida Basma for the opportunity to be a part of her mission to see constructive change in communities across the sultanate.”

Sayyida Basma stated, “I thank Khimji Ramdas for its support on this ground-breaking platform, it was a major success amidst the evolution of Oman’s healthcare sector, notably in the field of mental health. The requirement of such forums is profound in that they are a direct contributor to transformational change, in terms of raising awareness for individuals and the collective, as well as helping to remove the stigma of mental health issues that endure throughout society. Our volunteers work day-in-day-out to bring inspirational events to Oman and in this case our speakers shed light on an array of issues of importance, including depression, loss, fear, divorce, bullying, stress, anxiety, surviving cancer and more.”

Eshraqa’s commitment to heath as a core pillar of its CSR programme has observed the organisation sponsor other projects of national significance. The social investment arm sponsored Oman’s initial nationwide campaign on nutrition and dietary intake, Oman National Nutrition Survey, which helped to provide insights that stay of significance for the well being of neighborhood communities. The Not Alone initiative has performed different awareness campaigns.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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