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Duqm Refinery, Oman Sail conduct courses for employability skills

Duqm Refinery, Oman Sail conduct courses for employability abilities

A signing ceremony was held at Oman Sail’s headquarters, in presence of H E Maitha bint Saif al Mahrouqi, Undersecretary in the Ministry of Tourism and chairwoman of Oman Sail, and Eng Hilal bin Ali al Kharusi, deputy chairman of Duqm Refinery and David Graham, CEO, Oman Sail. The agreement outlined the launch of a project consisting of two programmes targeting grade 11 students and youth.

Both programmes will combine theory and outside sensible activities, making use of experiential studying to create interpersonal abilities such as communication, choice creating and resilience which are relevant and very valued in the workplace.

The project, named Al Nokheda, which indicates the ship’s captain in Arabic, marks a additional extension of Duqm Refinery’s currently considerable Corporate Social Responsibility activities in the neighborhood neighborhood in Al Wusta governorate and across the sultanate.

Nas-ha bint Mohammed al Fallahia, common manager of Corporate Affairs in Duqm Refinery, stated, “We are strongly determined and committed to have a positive impact on the lives and job prospects of young people in the Al Wusta community and Oman as a whole.”

Nas-ha added, “Duqm Refinery is the growth engine in the Special Economic Zone of Duqm and has made provision for development opportunities for the local community. Right from the outset, we wanted to play an integral role in the education and training of Oman’s youth. This partnership with Oman Sail will allow us to contribute to the development of our young people, whilst giving them an insight into Oman’s significant maritime heritage.”

Graham stated, “We are delighted to launch this important new programme with Duqm Refinery. Their recognition of Oman’s rich maritime heritage is an exact match with Oman Sail’s mission, as is their focus on youth development. Our Corporate and Personal Development team has been highly successful over several years working alongside schools, colleges and businesses. We look forward to working with Duqm Refinery to make the Al Nokhedha project a tremendous success.”

The programme will be delivered in Arabic by a 100 per cent Omani team from Oman Sail’s Corporate and Personal Development (CPD) division. Oman Sail has previously offered youth improvement programmes to more than three,000 college and 1,500 college students, as effectively as leadership and management coaching to much more than 20 corporate customers, such as the ground-breaking Khazzan Young Leaders’ Programme initiative with BP Oman.

The coaching courses consists of the schools’ programme for 16 and 17 year olds, which will run till November six, with students chosen by the Ministry of Education. Omani youth aged from 18 to 25 and chosen by the Ministry of Manpower will participate in their programme from November 11-13. Duqm Refinery aims to engage in all segments of the society by investing in social duty initiatives. One of their programmes is ‘The Science of Refinery’, an initiative that aims to inspire college youngsters in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Offering possibilities to young Omanis, ‘Marefa’ aims to offer employment abilities improvement and coaching, while Duqm Refinery’s flagship programme ‘Wadha’ tackles concerns about empowering and developing the capacity of ladies in the Al Wusta area and across the sultanate.

To allow delivery of its projects, Duqm Refinery has developed ‘Sawaed’, an internal programme developed particularly for its employees. Employees are encouraged to dedicate element of their time to becoming programme volunteers, providing a considerable contribution to the implementation of its social duty initiatives all through the Governorate of Al Wusta and across the sultanate.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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