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Dubai no more shoppers’ choice after VAT implementation

Dubai no much more shoppers’ option following VAT implementation

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Dubai is quick losing its sheen as a purchasing paradise amongst Omanis due to the Value Added Tax (VAT) getting implemented in the UAE from January 1. From clothes, accessories, and jewellery, to footwear and present things, Omanis utilized to throng Dubai for purchasing as nicely as leisure and entertainment activities.

Since the introduction of VAT, numerous say the city is not worth the go to any much more as goods in Oman price significantly less. “Since the introduction of VAT in the UAE, shoppers feel the pinch of an additional five per cent tax added to many goods and services. I used to spend around RO300 for Eid shopping in the past but now I have to pay more. I think I will never go to Dubai again for shopping,” Hamad Sultan, a father of 4 stated. It has been a practice for some Omanis to go to Dubai for Eid and back-to-college purchasing but items have changed a lot in the previous handful of months.

“I came back from Dubai two weeks ago following purchasing for Eid. I choose purchasing nicely in advance but this time items have not been the exact same.

“I spent RO1,200 just for my four-day trip and shopping. In the past, I used to spend around RO500 to RO600 only,” stated Yahya al Dughaishi. Even for Ramadan, numerous Omanis choose to do purchasing in advance. This year Ramadan is set to begin in mid-May.

“I prefer Ramadan and Eid shopping much in advance just to have a relaxed time during the month of fast. This year I will be doing my shopping in Oman because things are cheaper here than Dubai,” Hasna al Naamani, a mother of 4, stated. Amour al Tauqi stated, “Ramadan is an extremely busy season for me. That is why I am doing Eid shopping now in Oman to save money rather than go to Dubai and spend more.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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