Sunday, 29 Jan 2023
Dr Rashid al Alawi joins Aster al Raffa Hospital as visiting consultant

Dr Rashid al Alawi joins Aster al Raffa Hospital as going to consultant

Aster al Raffa Hospital, a single of the major hospital chains in the GCC and India, with two hospitals and six polyclinics in Oman, gives different state-of-the-art solutions from common medicine, common surgery, laparoscopic surgery to ENT and several a lot more.

Dr Alawi started his journey as a specialist surgeon in 2005. He received his coveted MRCS membership from the Royal College of Surgery in Ireland and furthered his qualification as a senior specialist in common surgery from Oman Medical Specialty Board. He completed his fellowship at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham in common surgery, with specialisation in Colorectal Surgery.

In 2015, Dr Alawi began his profession in Oman specialising in colorectal cancer surgery, Fistula, Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy and single-port laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Alawi, who has treated a lot more than 500 instances of colorectal cancer, is nicely recognized for his minimal invasive surgical procedures. He says colorectal cancer is a silent illness and advises that if there are uncommon symptoms such as bleeding in the stool or anal discharge, they ought to instantly seek healthcare aid, as it can be treated instantly.

He has also treated hundreds of instances of anal fistula in Oman. Fistula can be described as an abnormal connection among the anus and the outer skin that can generate pus and/or feces that can be treated by means of colorectal surgery. However, due to the embarrassment brought on by the place of the infection, several sufferers do not seek healthcare aid till it reaches sophisticated stage.

Dr Alawi is also an specialist in treating haemorrhoids with most recent painless Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy process and Aster al Raffa Hospital is the very first private hospital to have this facility. Haemorrhoids are discovered generally amongst youngsters in Oman and the use of specialised instrument and approach from the US, Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy is a secure and efficient technique with much less blood loss, painless recovery period as nicely as quickly healing time. Compared to traditional haemorrhoidectomy, exactly where the post-operative discomfort can extend up to 3 weeks, Ligasure haemorrhoidectomy is regarded as as a superior process than laser or other techniques. Another field of experience of Dr Alawi is single-port laparoscopic operation. Usually the process demands numerous important holes to be produced in the abdomen or pelvis for the process. However, Dr Alawi is an specialist in performing the operation in a single incision.

Seeniya Biju, CEO of Aster al Raffa Hospital, stated, “We are very glad to have Dr Alawi, one of the highly specialised doctors as a part of our team. He is always geared for the next innovation in his specialised field of medicine. Patients feel very safe and trust in him, which is very important.” Dr Alawi stated, “Aster al Raffa Hospital focuses on offering services that are of highest quality. They make sure every doctor is equipped with all facilities so that and patients feel at home and are confident.” For specifics, get in touch with 24618900 or 98550066.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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