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Discoveries at Qumaira sites provide details about historical importance of area: MHC

Discoveries at Qumaira web sites offer particulars about historical significance of location: MHC

Research perform at 3 settlement locations are associated to the Modern and Bronze Stone Age, and the Iron Age. These are cemetery and residential and administrative buildings dating back to the second millennium BC.

The found monuments in Qumaira offer info about this historical location and its significance. Experts from MHC in cooperation with these from the University of Warsaw have been functioning on the web site because 2016.

The team has identified archaeological collectibles in these buildings to probe about the way of life in that period. Experts claim that the folks of Qumaira had a important part in preserving these collectibles. The discoveries in Qumaira at web site 1 contain a tomb from the second millennium BC. It is a mass grave containing 4 burial chambers, in which numerous skeletal remains have been identified, accompanied by funerary artifacts, such as pottery vessels, stone, masonry and canvases.

The Qumaira web site two is the biggest amongst these web sites. It is a settlement consisting of a number of residential buildings constructed on stone foundations, a circular stone tower and a quantity of nearby and imported pottery fragments.

The Qumaira web site three is a Bronze Age settlement that continued to be utilized in the course of the Iron Age and the Late Islamic period.

The buildings of the settlement have been constructed on stone foundations with complicated sections. The third settlement connected stone towers, 1 of which resembled the Rajum Tower, in the archaeological web site of Bat, which is characterised by its winding ring wall.

About the purpose behind excellent circumstances of the archaeological web sites in Ain Bani Saada in Qumaira, Sheikh Hamad bin Said al Saidi, the sheikh of the town, mentioned, “People were aware of the importance of these monuments. So they protected them from any vandalism and avoided building on their ruins or in their surroundings. Those were under the guidance of parents and grandparents. Today, MHC is taking the lead role in preserving these sites.”

The town of Qumaira in Dhank, Dhahirah is characterised by its place falling among the governorates of North Batinah, Dhahirah and Buraimi. It is situated on the outskirts of the West Al Hajar mountains major to the availability of fresh water flowing from the valleys, such as Ain Bani Saada and Qumaira which contributed to creating the town distinctive as an crucial station all through the ages.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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