Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Dhofar Automotive organises Jeep Ladies Open Day

Dhofar Automotive organises Jeep Ladies Open Day

The occasion offered attendees with updates and specifics on the Jeep brand and its newest models, highlighting the all-new fourth generation Jeep Wrangler. The attendees have been also introduced to the newest variety of Mopar accessories showcased throughout the occasion.

At the occasion, attendees have been offered the chance to meet with the talented team from The Guide Oman, who gave them ideas on off-roading. The sales team of Dhofar Automotive have been also present at the occasion to answer any queries the attendees may have had. Special draws have been carried out at the finish of the occasion, exactly where the two vouchers to attend the ‘Ladies’ Desert Safari’ organised by The Guide Oman have been offered away, amongst a number of other prizes.

Biju Luckose, advertising manager of Dhofar Automotive, stated, “With such strong off-roading heritage, the Jeep has become synonymous as the original SUV with class-leading capabilities, craftsmanship and versatility, perfect for people looking to undertake exceptional adventures. We have quite a large female customer base here in Oman, especially for Jeep, many of whom are also Jeep Wrangler Owners and off-road enthusiasts. We organised this event so that we could interact more closely with them, obtaining their feedback on their experience with their vehicles and Dhofar Automotive itself, while at the same time provide them with the updates on our latest Jeep products and Mopar accessories available. We also wanted to create an avenue for them to meet and interact with the special team at The Guide Oman, who are some of the best in the country when it comes to organising desert adventures.”

Rebecca Mayston, manager of The Guide Oman, stated, “This spectacular event, organised by Dhofar Automotive, was a great success in terms of attendance and interaction with The Guide Oman team. It provided us with a great opportunity to share our experience and knowledge with them with regards to desert driving, providing attendees with tips and tricks that will help enhance their skills in desert driving. I would like to thank Dhofar Automotive for regularly organising these amazing events. We look forward to attending the ones they have in store for the future and will work out new ways in which we can collaborate with them and with Jeep fans at these events.”

The occasion saw the attendance of more than 40 ladies comprising Dhofar Automotive and The Guide Oman customers, Jeep Club Oman members, college students and Jeep enthusiasts. The occasion commenced with a speech by Zuwaina al Azri, public relations and events manager at Dhofar Automotive followed shortly by yet another from Rebecca from Guide Oman.

Shortly thereafter, the attendees have been offered with a detailed presentation on Jeep’s present car line up as nicely as updates to Dhofar Automotive’s solutions.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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