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Demand for child car seats goes up as new traffic rules come into force from March 1

Demand for youngster vehicle seats goes up as new visitors guidelines come into force from March 1

Muscat Daily
 visited a number of hypermarkets and retail outlets and identified parents checking out seats which suit their kids very best. Hypermarkets have even deputed employees to clarify the functioning of these seats to parents.

Child vehicle seats are obtainable in between RO20 and RO50.

Priya S, a mother of two year old girl, who was seeking for a vehicle seat at a hypermarket, stated, “My daughter sits on my lap while travelling. From next month, it will be illegal to carry the child that way.”

An employee at the hypermarket stated, “As March 1 is just a few days away, more and more parents are coming to buy child car seats. We teach them how to fasten the child in the seat. From two to three seats per days, now we sell around 20.”

A employees at an additional hypermarket stated, “Earlier, child car seats were displayed in a corner of the kids’ section. Now, they are displayed at the entrance itself.”

Speaking about the concern, an official from the Directorate General of Traffic stated the rule currently existed but it will be enforced strictly from March 1. “Children are the worst-affected in case of an accident as they are not fastened to seats. Children below four years are usually restless while travelling, so a car seat is the safest solution. That is why we have made it mandatory.”

Parvathy M, a mother of 3 year old girl stated, “It is good to be cautious now than sorry later. I bought a used seat online from a family that was leaving the country for good. My child is very happy to jump into the car seat as soon as the door opens.”

Sajith S, the father of a two year old stated, “This is the best gift that you could give a child. It’s for your own child’s safety.”

The directorate official stated that parents must make certain that all kids under 4 are fastened to vehicle seats. “Our officials can ask for proof of the child’s date of birth if he is not in a child seat. Those who travel in a taxi will have to carry a child seat along to ensure their children’s safety. A taxi driver is not required to provide a child seat.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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