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Date palms a key source of livelihood for Omanis

Date palms a important supply of livelihood for Omanis

Omanis use different components of the plant such as its fronds and leaves to make a assortment of handicraft items. The craft passed down generation renders an extra income for numerous households.

The pollination stage of the date palm begins right after Tayah al Sarda (a extremely cold period) for some varieties of the dates, locally referred to as Al Battash, Al Meznaj, Al Manhi, Al Gidmi, Al Naghal, Umm al Sala, Qash Thamid, and Qash Qaroot.‬

The pollination stage starts right after the pollen sprouts.

The farmers straight location a single to ten or slightly more date palm clusters in the pollen, or tie them up in the pollen with a light strip to allow the tape to open steadily with the development of date suntil they are ultimately released from the material attached to it.

This technique is utilized only for the kinds of palms, which have extended clusters like Al Khenezi and Al Khisab. The procedure of choosing the plant assortment in which the pollination procedure is carried out is crucial for the good results of the breeding procedure, such as choice of varieties characterised by the top quality of pollination. The tall clusters of Janadid or Al Fardh need this procedure. The farmers stay away from pollination procedure on rainy days.‬

The period of waiting for the sprouting requires much more than two months, following which starts the second stage – the pulling down of the date stalk to the level exactly where the farmer can attain in the harvest time.

The second stage is of two kinds – very first, pulling down the stalk and placing it on the leaves.

The second a single is pulling down the stalk under the leaves and tying it. Harvesting begins right after 4 months.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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