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Data breach a reality, but there are ways to safeguard, your data

Data breach a reality, but there are methods to safeguard, your information

Many social media, IT organizations and professionals worldwide are now operating campaigns, spreading awareness and supplying suggestions on information protection.

Facebook also in harm manage mode is top the campaign with its new Data Abuse Bounty programme.

Under the programme, Facebook will reward anybody who alerts it relating to apps collecting user info in cooperation with organizations abusing that information.

Muscat Daily spoke to a couple of professionals in the IT field relating to the concern to clear a couple of frequent queries that most Internet customers have. Some use the Internet as a storage medium and really feel they would be at a loss if they delete or cease making use of social media accounts.

According to Tariq al Barwani, an IT professional, “The most easy way of safeguarding data for the common man on the Web is to ensure that you keep a copy of any important data (pictures, video and documents) somewhere else in your computer or hard-drive. A copy can be kept on your disk. This is important because once data is gone, it may be difficult to get it back if necessary protection is not in place. There are many backup solutions along with storages available online and offline today.”

Another frequent query that bugs customers is about revealing info unknowingly. So how does a single remain protected on the internet?

Harish Chib, vice president, Middle East and Africa, Sophos, a safety computer software and hardware organization, mentioned, “The Internet and its social networks are driven and shaped by how we use them. However, like any technology, the Internet and the software that runs on it has plenty of bugs, and there is much that could be fixed or improved in the service of keeping people safe online. The first type of threat, information from users, is by far simpler – because it is all about an individual’s direct actions. Revealing sensitive information on the Web is a big threat. This information can be made public both deliberately or, most commonly, inadvertently. This is often due to lax privacy settings.”

Social networking accounts are beneficial to hackers, mentioned Chib. “Social networking attacks can be split into three main categories: Spam, phishing and malware. The end-goal for most hackers is to get personal data. Because personal data is money.”

He added by no means stick to unsolicited hyperlinks in emails or social networking web sites – they can lead to bogus internet sites that capture any confidential information you enter and usually use powerful passwords. “Think before using USB sticks.”

The worth of individual information for private and public institutions as nicely as organizations has elevated in significance, which in turn strengthens the want to safeguard individual information and stop acts of misuse or privacy violations.

This can be completed only by means of the implementation of clear laws and legislation by concerned entities, mentioned Scott Manson, cybersecurity leader – Middle East and Africa, Cisco. “Cisco’s Annual Cybersecurity Report indicates that there has been an improve in information breaches globally, so this is not distinctive to the Middle East. The escalating quantity of information breaches and sophisticated persistent threats, and the publicity about hacks are creating customers even much less confident that their sensitive information and privacy will be protected.

“Look at some of the most current information breaches which includes Equifax, Uber and Yahoo which opened up the possibility of attackers gaining access to individual information – and in theory becoming in a position to collate very individual profiles of impacted folks.

“Every data breach and online attack seems to involve some kind of phishing attempt to steal password credentials, to launch fraudulent transactions, or to trick someone into downloading malware. And reports show that phishing campaigns have increased both in volume and sophistication.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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