Thursday, 8 Dec 2022
Dar al Atta’a signs cooperation pact with Eshrakat Amal charity to uplift families

Dar al Atta’a indicators cooperation pact with Eshrakat Amal charity to uplift households

The agreement counts as a fantastic feat to the team as it provides an extraordinary quantity of help to pursue its targets, stated Eshrakat Amal in a press release.

“Eshrakat Amal team is looking forward to giving new chances and opening horizons of hope to many families in need. The team aims to provide stability and healthy, productive and well-educated environments to these individuals. It continues its efforts of guidance and counselling through specialised committees,” stated the charity.

“All of this is done to ensure providing support to those who need it, whether that being orphans or limited-income families. Support comes in the form of building homes, adding rooms like kitchens or rest rooms, helping out couples who are preparing to get married, providing monthly grocery rations, covering medical expenses when needed, paying rent and paying electricity and water bills.”

The team is committed to offering a great life for youth and offering them with the very best academic possibilities to turn out to be productive people. This is completed via a help programme that grants buying vouchers to students and partial scholarships to college students.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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