Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Dar al Atta’a, Mitsui E&P sign RO36,540 donation contract for student care programme

Dar al Atta’a, Mitsui E&ampP sign RO36,540 donation contract for student care programme

Muscat – 

In a great humanitarian gesture stemming from its sense of social duty, Mitsui E&ampP Middle East BV (MEPME) has donated an quantity of RO36,540 to contain everyday college meal to 500 students in the academic year 2018-19.

In extra to quantity RO8,800 for bag and college products to 1,100 students and was allocated quantity RO8,000 to college uniforms to 500 students. The School Student Care Programme is deemed to be a single of the very first programmes adopted by the association in the year 2006 exactly where the association provides college uniforms, college products and college meal to much more than six,000 students annually. It is noteworthy that Mitsui E&ampP Middle East BV or MEPME is a subsidiary of Mitsui Company (Mitsui &amp Co Ltd).

It is a single of the biggest Japanese businesses about the globe and has numerous fields.

It is operating on exploration, improvement and production of oil and gas in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The organization has worked in sultanate because the year 2002 MEMPE is committed to supporting sustainable improvement in the sultanate by means of its social programme.

Dar al Atta’a thanked MEPME and all the supporters, shareholders and donors to all the association’s programmes.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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