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Dar al Atta’a and Bait al Zubair exhibit Omani boat collection

Dar al Atta’a and Bait al Zubair exhibit Omani boat collection

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In cooperation with Dar al Atta’a, Bait al Zubair held an exhibition on Sunday of the Omani boat collection from the painting of boats, which was not too long ago held at Riyam Park overlooking Sultan Qaboos Port in the heart of Muttrah. This city is a considerable 1 in the history of Oman, overlooking the coast of the Sea of Oman and 1 of the most essential ports of the sultanate, which is complete of boats in all types.

The boats employed had been the most renowned Omani boats in the sultanate. Such an art and drawing activities had been primarily based on the different types of art that are widespread and broadly recognized in the different nations of the planet such as the painting of animal figures and drawing on the walls.

The art of drawing on boats initiated in Egypt by means of the encounter of the artist Dr Abdul Wahab Abdul Mohsen, which was completed on the model of an Egyptian boat. This activity differed from that, which took yet another model, the Omani hull, producing the occasion distinctive in the area given that the boats (its physique) are tied to the location.

Among the artists who participated in the exhibition had been Anwar Sonya, Saleem Sakhi, Issa al Mafraji, Nadia al Balushi, Sobeih Kalash from Iraq, Ahmed Hatem from Egypt, Khalil Shaaban from Lebanon, Fadi Abdullah from Jordan and other people.

It is worth mentioning that the proceeds of the productive operates in the occasion will be completely for the Dar al Atta’a and will be committed to different elements of charitable function in the state of Muttrah. The occasion was also supported by the neighborhood volunteer teams in the state, such as Matireh and Bashaer Muttrah.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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