Monday, 30 Jan 2023
Dams in Salalah designed to protect city, especially low-lying areas: Eng Azri

Dams in Salalah developed to safeguard city, specifically low-lying places: Eng Azri

These dams have been substantial in guarding the city specifically the low-lying places, mentioned Eng Mahmoud bin Mohammed al Azri, director of Water Resources Management in Dhofar governorate. Eng Azri mentioned the Salalah Dam is especially playing a substantial part in guarding the city.

“The Salalah Dam received more than 15mn cubic metres of water and that the gates of the dam were ready for disposal of water in case of overfilling. The dam has a significant role in protecting Salalah Airport and low-lying areas in the city. It has a storage capacity of 77mn cubic metres of water and is 6km long.”

The dam has two gates to drain water by means of a 700mm diameter. Eng Azri mentioned, “It runs about 3km underground until it reaches Wadi Dahariz.” The Sahlnout Dam is also essential in guarding a number of places situated behind the dam in Salalah.

“Sahlnout Dam received water to its capacity and overflowed only a little. The storage capacity of the dam is 6mn cubic metres. We have teams to follow dams around the clock. I hope people do not spread rumours about the dams and I hope they do not approach the lakes or wadis during the rain,” he mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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