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Crossing 12 black points will lead to confiscation of licence: ROP

Crossing 12 black points will lead to confiscation of licence: ROP

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The ROP will introduce a ‘black points system’ from March 1 and motorists obtaining much more than 12 points in a calendar year might shed their licences. “Motorists getting more than 12 black points in a year will have their driving licences suspended for six months. If the motorist gets more than 12 points again the following year, the licence will be confiscated for a year. In case the black points are more than 12 for a third consecutive year, the licence will be cancelled. The driver will have to take the driving test afresh after paying RO100 for a new licence,” an ROP official mentioned.

The official mentioned that 3 black points will be offered for violations in eight circumstances such as failing to quit at a police checkpoint, drifting, modifying the automobile licence plates or covering the licence plate or a component of it.

“Exceeding the speed limit by more than 75km/hr, driving with a licence in another category (if a driver holding a light vehicle licence drives a heavy vehicle), covering one’s face, modifying the vehicle and overtaking by heavy vehicles at a place where they are not allowed to do so, will earn drivers three black points.”

Two points will be offered in 14 circumstances which includes utilizing a telephone whilst driving, hazardous overtaking, parking on the road, parking trucks significantly less than 5m from the shoulder in non-emergency scenarios. “Two black points will also be given if a motorist leaves his car in case of an accident before completing the procedures. Motorcycle riders without a helmet will be given two points. “One black point will be given in 35 cases including overloading, playing loud music, not stopping when asked by a police officer to do so etc.” A motorist’s accumulated black points will be reset to zero at the starting of each and every year.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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