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Creating new city districts – Students from the British School Muscat experience life at GUtech

Creating new city districts – Students from the British School Muscat expertise life at GUtech

In the division of Urban Planning and Architectural Design the students got some insights about the function of architects and urban planners. Within a couple of hours the students created their personal models of future city districts and they presented their tips to a little jury of employees members. “What the students have learnt today is to realize a diversity of designs. We give them the freedom to use their ideas to create their own designs and develop the areas where they thing that should be new features for all society – within “Muscat – future city”, stated Petrit Pasha, Lecturer in the Department of Urban Planning and Architectural Design who supervised the college students.

All students integrated renewable power sources in their urban models. They realised a mix of residential, function and leisure locations all positioned close by the sea and they. Shabrina Wiendrarko who won the competitors introduced two principal opponents, Oman as a Tourism hub and Hydro Energy. She believed of a hotel resort and hydroelectric energy generation beside the sea. Jeffery Oguni created a futuristic style of homes connected by numerous bridges. He also incorporated homes created of so-referred to as ‘solar bricks’ that shop solar power. Zidan Rafliansyah integrated solar panels on roof tops to lower CO2 emissions and pollution. He also integrated public parks and workplace buildings with a view to the sea. Rokhy Musthofa developed a model with higher-rise buildings and a seaside promenade shaped like an Omani khanjar. Rafif Suwardoyo believed about electromagnetic trains employed as public transportation, public swimming pools and other social activity buildings such a University and a sports hall. The students stated that they want to present their urban tips to their college colleagues in the coming weeks.

For all students it is their initial expertise at a university. During 3 days at GUtech the college students are familiarized with distinct departments, study-programmes and the all round student life on campus. “The aim of the Year 10 Work Experience is to give the students an insight into the real world of work and develop their personal, social skills and confidence. It allows students to learn about the different roles and structures within an organisation. At the same time it is a unique opportunity to learn more about themselves and discover what really interest them by finding out about different occupations and job groups. This will allow to develop future career plans and enhance their career aspirations,” stated Ajay Khushalbhaia, student counsellor at the British School Muscat. The second day they will be in the Engineering division and the third day in the Department of Applied Geosciences and they will get a opportunity to attend the international occasion at GUtech in the afternoon.

GUtech gives Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering and Environmental Engineering as effectively as Bachelor of Science programmes in Applied Geosciences, Computer Sciences, Logistics, International Business and Service Management, Urban Planning and Architectural Design. All programmes are taught in English and are internationally accredited by ACQUIN.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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