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Contract for first solar photovoltaic independent power producer signed

Contract for very first solar photovoltaic independent energy producer signed

PDO will acquire electrical energy for its interior operations from the installation at Amin in southern Oman at 1 of the lowest tariffs in the planet. The organization mentioned the price showed the large prospective for the nation to generate solar power at commercially desirable rates. PDO has awarded the contract to develop and operate the plant to Marubeni Consortium, consisting of Japanese organization Marubeni Corporation, Oman Gas Company, Bahwan Renewable Energy Company and Modern Channels Services.

The desert facility will be the very first-of-its-sort in Oman and will also be the world’s very first utility-scale solar project to have an oil and gas organization as the sole wholesale purchaser of electrical energy.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Mohammed Nasser bin Saeed al Aghbari, director of Electrical Power Systems at PDO mentioned, “Construction will begin in January 2019 and the web site will span 4sq km, the size of 480 football pitches. The installation will consist of a lot more than 335,000 solar PV panels, generating adequate power to energy 15,000 properties. The project will be structured as an IPP below the terms of the energy obtain agreement for a period of 23 years from the scheduled industrial operation date, which is planned for May 2020. The consortium will develop, personal and operate the facility and then transfer it back to PDO.

“The plant is expected to introduce an equivalent fuel saving of 70.5mn m3 of gas annually, resulting in a total saving of US$17mn a year through the use of solar power as an alternative to natural gas. It will also reduce overall carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by around 137,121 tonnes annually, the equivalent of taking 23,000 large cars off the road,” mentioned Aghbari.

Speaking at the formal contract award ceremony at Mina al Fahal, Raoul Restucci, managing director, PDO mentioned, “The proposed tariff is one of the lowest in the history of solar IPPs worldwide so far and underlines the significant opportunity for Oman to produce low-cost energy using solar power. The electrical power produced will feed into our transmission system and contribute to off-setting the use of natural gas for power generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

The project contains the design and style, procurement, building, commissioning, financing and operation and upkeep of the solar photovoltaic plant with a 100MW capacity and related infrastructure.

Toshihiro Maruo, senior officer of Marubeni Corporation’s Power Business Division, mentioned, “We are very excited to take a lead developer’s role in this amazing project. We have recently announced a new corporate strategy confirming our intention to double our current capacity of renewable energy so that it will make up at least 20 per cent of our portfolio within the next five years.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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