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Cloud Express: Restaurant give back to charity

Cloud Express: Restaurant give back to charity

The business will sign an agreement with a charity association in the sultanate.

Michel Moufarrej, a single of the company’s owner, mentioned that the move comes as a huge thanks and gratitude to the sultanate and its individuals, and hope to contribute a lot more to charitable functions that advantage the neighborhood.

He explained that as component of its belief in supporting the nearby neighborhood via different CSR initiatives, the business previously took care of the meals costs in the restaurant to commence from 400 Baisa to four riyals, inexpensive for people and households, particularly the Khuwair region that cater to numerous students and educational institutions, as nicely as households.

He added that the “Clouds Express” restaurant is primarily based on the high quality, freshness, and freshness of the meals with the greatest of contemporary technologies. “It is also part of the restaurant expansion by opening a new branch in Al Khoudh, as well as the opening of a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and other countries, adding, “This will become one of the first brands that are exported from Oman to abroad.”

Ammar Agha mentioned that the restaurant offers comfort and privacy to households via the allocation of family members section in the second floor of the restaurant, which can accommodate a group of six to 7 individuals.

The restaurant is also offers residence delivery in Al Khuwair region, ministries and surrounding places.

In the close to future, clients will be served 24 hours a day, and the bread will be ready at the restaurant kitchen. The restaurant contains numerous varieties to pick from such as ice cream, all-natural juices, appetizers, shawarma, falafel, grills and pastry. The restaurant serves up to 60 varieties of sandwich, from the greatest chefs from Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. The restaurant also attributes Lebanese shawarma with Lebanese taste and also has a lot more than 10 varieties of kebabs.

The management of the restaurant is also keen on the high quality of the meals. An internal team is assigned by the division, which in turn inspects the corridors and sections of the restaurant in order to supply healthful meals for the clients.

 The Clouds Express restaurant is situated in the heart of Al Khuwair, subsequent to Shell Petroleum Station and Bin Ateeq resturent. It officially opened its doors to public on Wednesday 14 November 2018. 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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