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Citizen convicted for poaching Arabian gazelle in South Batinah

Citizen convicted for poaching Arabian gazelle in South Batinah

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The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) has stated that a citizen arrested for poaching an Arabian gazelle has been convicted. In a statement, MECA stated the Department of Environment and Climate Affairs in South Batinah in cooperation with a citizen and the ROP, had arrested a citizen for poaching an Arabian gazelle. The citizen had killed the gazelle in Wadi al Haimli in the town of Hail al Ghaf in Rustaq, South Batinah.

MECA stated, “This citizen hunted the Arabian gazelle but was nabbed by another citizen. The accused was handed over to members of the wildlife protection units, which in turn dealt with him in accordance with the procedures in place and handed him over to the competent authorities.”

After getting referred to the competent authorities for additional investigations and completion of legal procedures, he was convicted of the offence and a fine imposed on him. MECA calls on citizens, residents and vacationers to preserve the atmosphere and not violate the wildlife law. It stated, “Any violation is contrary to the provisions of Royal Decree six/2003,issued in relation to the Law On Nature Reserves And Wildlife Conservation.

Article (15) paragraph (b) states that anybody who deliberately kills, hunts or smuggles any of the animals or birds listed in Annexure 1 or any physique element thereof shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not much less than six months and not much more than 5 years and a fine not much less than RO1,000 and not much more than RO5,000 or each the penalties.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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