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Bradt guides puts Oman in 2018 exceptional places list

Bradt guides puts Oman in 2018 exceptional locations list

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Leading travel guide publisher with more than 200 titles in print has incorporated Oman in its annual exceptional locations list. Tony Walsh, co-author of the guide, explained, “The number of ‘exceptional places’ chosen each year by Bradt varies (mostly between 10-15). In 2018, there are ten countries, two territories, two mountain areas and one battlefield of the First World War (it’s the 100th anniversary of the end of that war so these sites have been improved).”

“The Oman (Bradt Travel Guides) guide is the fourth edition and such is the interest in Oman as a destination that Bradt guide to Oman has been the company’s best-selling book on Amazon UK,” he mentioned. Walsh very first arrived in Oman in 1986 and has given that worked in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Bradt guide to Oman was created obtainable internationally in January 2017 and is obtainable in most nations worldwide.

“The book was in the making since I arrived in Oman in 1986 as I travelled throughout the country. From 1995, I worked in tourism, showing tourists the entire country, for example travelling down the coasts with groups between Muscat and Salalah several years before any road [was built]. Many people encouraged me to write a guide book, but pressure of work meant I could not spare the time. This knowledge enabled me to write my first book about Oman’s Unesco sites with the support of the Ministry of Tourism in 2013. After I left Oman in 2016, I spent the summer rewriting the Bradt guide to Oman and compiling all new maps,” he mentioned. Walsh highlights how his function will allow guests to comprehend the nation.

“Oman has the Ministry of Tourism, Omran and comparable bodies to evaluation problems, to create tourism in Oman, rather than input from a guide’s author. The Bradt guide is intended to allow guests to comprehend the nation and have an enjoyable and productive pay a visit to.

“Locations are included in the book, as they are interesting and form part of the Ministry of Tourism’s overall emphasis on tourism. As the book cannot include all locations there are many not included which might be favourites of myself or others. I hope that, in a small way, the inclusion of Oman in Bradt guides 2018 selection of ‘Exceptional Places’ will add to the work of the Omani government and Omani people in encouraging people to visit and explore the country,” he added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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