Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Book promoting biodiversity of Al Wusta wetlands launched

Book advertising biodiversity of Al Wusta wetlands launched

The book titled, Barr Al Hikman: Shorebird Paradise in Oman was launched in cooperation with Shell Development Oman and Wetlands International. The publication is component of a shared objective of endorsing the diverse ecosystems identified in the sultanate highlighting Oman’s story of development and prosperity.

“Having visited Barr al Hikman, I am delighted that Shell has been able to collaborate on this book and that we can celebrate Oman’s 48th National Day with this publication. The sultanate enjoys a wonderfully diverse landscape and is home to many different water bird species. “Further, this book is a vital piece of research and will ultimately contribute to sustainable development and promote Oman as a tourist destination. Our commitment to the country’s future revolves not only around the energy sector, but also sustainable development,” stated Chris Breeze, nation chairman, Shell Oman.

As a outcome of a survey carried out by Wetlands International, a international not-for-profit organisation devoted to the conservation and restoration of wetlands, the book encompasses captivating photos and insightful details showcasing the majesty and diversity of bird species in Al Wusta wetlands, such as the Barr al Hikman peninsula. This area, a Ramsar web site is also recognised as 1 of the most crucial African-Eurasian flyways for water birds in the globe.

“After the successful completion of the first full spring migration count of the Wetlands Reserve in the Al Wusta governorate, the survey has proven the international importance of the reserve, kick-starting an in-depth research programme into the area,” stated Ward Hagemeijer, programme head Business and Ecosystems at Wetlands International.

Hagemeijer added, “We have been collecting further data from the Wetlands Reserve to further understand the migration patterns of the extraordinary birds visiting the area. This book reflects this survey – showcasing some of the 300,000 birds making the wetlands their home for both resting and feeding during their annual migration.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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