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BMW Group is first international automaker to get autonomous driving road test licence in China

BMW Group is initial international automaker to get autonomous driving road test licence in China

Thus, the BMW Group has turn out to be the initial international auto maker to get the Autonomous Driving road test licence in China, marking a large step on its path to Autonomous Driving. This achievement underlines BMW Group’s top part in the improvement of autonomous driving in the Chinese automotive market.

BMW Group implements its Strategy Number One &gt Next worldwide, and continues to carry out the layout in ‘A C E S’, namely, Autonomous Driving, Connectivity, E-Mobility and Shared solutions, to develop thrilling options and revolutionary mobility experiences for consumers, and by performing so, speeding up its transformation into a technologies business. Autonomous Driving, an essential component of the ‘A C E S’ layout, will modify the future of person mobility in a revolutionary way, considerably enhancing the security and comfort of premium person mobility.

China is advertising Autonomous Driving as a component of boosting intelligent connected automobiles (ICVs) and its current ‘smart city, intelligent China’ initiative, providing China a essential part in BMW Group´s Autonomous Driving improvement programme. BMW anticipated this improvement and was initial to demonstrate and publish L3 very Autonomous Driving on a designated highway beneath government supervision in Chengdu as early as 2016.

To carry out road tests for the preparation of L4 Autonomous Driving R&ampD in China, Shanghai is an desirable, revolutionary city, matching completely with BMW Group’s vision of future mobility. The BMW Group has set up a powerful neighborhood team in Shanghai, which includes more than 60 professionals in Autonomous Driving.
Using the licence, the R&ampD team will collect a number of Petabyte of information primarily based on actual visitors, covering its complete complexity. This information will be utilized to train machine studying algorithms performing sufficient L4 Autonomous Driving behaviour.

The test web sites in Shanghai at present cover a total length of about five.6km planned to develop swiftly more than time. The test fleet is primarily based on the most recent BMW 7 Series models, beginning with two operating automobiles in May and adding up to seven automobiles by December in China. ‘Safety first’ is the major premise for the improvement of Autonomous Driving at BMW Group. Until now, the accumulated mileage reaches practically 30,000km of road test in China and much more than 200,000km of pc simulation.

Dr Martin Sautter, senior VP, R&ampD Centre BMW Group, BMW China Services Ltd, mentioned, “The BMW Group has always followed its R&D strategy ‘In China, For China’. We have developed a complete, customer-oriented and prospective R&D system, through the R&D layout in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenyang. Now, it is a great honour to be the first international vehicle manufacturer to obtain an autonomous road test licence in China. With the highest safety standards, we will rigorously promote the local development of Autonomous Driving and strive to achieve a safer, more efficient and convenient transportation system.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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