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BISC 2018 organised in sultanate

BISC 2018 organised in sultanate

BISC 2018 proved itself to be a shining beacon of understanding, inter-cultural comradery, tolerance and a magnificent show of sportsmanship by Beaconhouse students from all more than the planet.

The occasion was graced with the presence of H H Sayyid Faris bin Fahar al Said, chairman of the Board of Directors, Al Suwaiq Football Club, and Pakistan’s Ambassador to Oman, H E Ali Javed.

The chairperson Beaconhouse, Nasreen Kasuri, and chief executive Beaconhouse, Kasim Kasuri, inaugurated the proceedings and have been a supply of inspiration and motivation for Beaconhouse students and employees. Also in attendance have been esteemed delegates from the 5 participating nations in addition to the Beaconhouse senior management.

BISC 2018 featured a host of activities and competitions from different spheres of understanding ranging from sports and athletics to science, technologies, the visual and performing arts and filmmaking. Over 200 Beaconhouse students from 5 nations took component in these events in Muscat, utilising a diverse set of abilities that reinforce 21st Century Learning. Other than the 200 students present in Muscat, thousands of Beaconhouse students worldwide participated in activities in their house nations (Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines and Thailand) in order to qualify for BISC. The occasion was endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Education, Oman in bringing it to the Capital of Arab hospitality.

The grand convention started with the regal torch-bearing ceremony as it was ignited by students representing 28 nations present at the occasion. All contingents from the 5 nations exhibited intense passion and boundless enthusiasm to be component of such a multi-cultural occasion as evidenced by the corridors which have been roaring with chants and excitement.

The potent performances at the opening ceremony stole the show and set just the proper tone for an fascinating two-day journey ahead, filled with sportsmanship, diversity and enthusiasm. The ceremony enthralled spectators and gave a new which means to digital streaming platforms as folks from all about the planet watched BISC 2018 unfold on the official web site via reside streaming.

The occasion comprised adrenaline-fuelled competitions which integrated Basketball, Futsal, Table Tennis and Swimming and athletics as participants gave it their all in the name of glory and noble sportsman spirit. The occasion setup was jointly managed by Orbit Events and Beaconhouse. Oman Air was the travel companion for the occasion.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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