Wednesday, 7 Dec 2022
Bayan College visits Missouri School of Journalism

Bayan College visits Missouri School of Journalism

Missouri School of Journalism is the world’s initial School of Journalism because 1908. “The infrastructure and facilities provided to the students at Missouri School of Journalism are great in order to excel in the field of media and mass communication,” mentioned Dr Ghailani whilst briefing on the pay a visit to.

The pay a visit to incorporated a number of rounds of discussions with Missouri School of Journalism team to perform out a roadmap for conducting collaborative analysis, faculty and students exchange programmes, cultural and educational cooperation.

While briefing on the campus tour Dr Ghailani mentioned that technical advancement employed in teaching media in Missouri School of Journalism is extremely impressive and appreciating. “They also educate students in media for different careers like journalism, advertising and other media fields by combining a strong liberal arts education with required practical and training sessions,” added Dr Ghailani.

Dr Ghailani also mentioned that the association with Missouri School of Journalism can offer lots of possibilities for Bayan students and employees in the field of media. It can also aid the students to discover the teaching of media in US.

According to Missouri School of Journalism web site, “Some of the very best journalists in the planet have discovered their profession by means of the Missouri Method, which gives sensible hands-on instruction in genuine-planet news media and strategic communication agencies.

Top editors, reporters and other executives say Missouri graduates are amongst the very best ready to perform and contribute to the organisation from their initial day on the job.”

Bayan College is the initial private Media College in the sultanate of Oman supplying Majors in Broadcasting, Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising. The college also provides English Literature and English Professional Writing beneath its Faculty of English Literature.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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