Sunday, 26 Mar 2023
Bayan College conducts fire and safety training

Bayan College conducts fire and security coaching

Khalid Abdullah al Maamari, a senior student of Bayan College, welcomed the dignitaries followed by an introduction by Dr Nader S Fahim, in-charge dean of Bayan College. Lt Col Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Abdullah al Shajbi was the chief guest at the occasion. Lt Col Said Mohammed al Baddai presided more than the occasion as the guest of honour.

First Lieutenant Mohammed Ali Sulaiman al Yahyai demonstrated the Heimlich Manoeuvre, a life-saving method to revive individuals who choke on meals or other ingested material.

He also demonstrated the kid resuscitation method with active participation from the audience. Lt Faisal bin Hamdan bin Ali al Khatri, very first agent Abdul Aziz bin Sawalih bin Mohammed al Balushi and agent Salim bin Issa bin Salim al Badrani explained the notion of the fire extinguisher, the distinction in between extinguishers for distinct varieties of fire and the safest way to operate them.

A reside demonstration was completed on the college campus on the use of fire blankets and their effectiveness in controlling conflagrations in areas like the kitchen. The students and employees benefited significantly from the occasion, gaining fresh insight into security in the function spot and at house.

Haya Haroun al Husaini, a single of the students of Bayan College proposed the vote of thanks. She appreciated the devoted efforts of the team from the Royal Oman Police and the efforts place in by employees and students to make the occasion colourful and memorable. Bayan College appears forward to much more comparable events that would prove helpful to the college neighborhood and the society as a entire.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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