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Barr al Hikman to be included under Ramsar Convention sites: MECA

Barr al Hikman to be integrated beneath Ramsar Convention web sites: MECA

Qurum Natural Reserve has currently been integrated beneath the convention.

“Work is under way to complete the registration procedures of the site by filling the nomination form. The sultanate has officially acceded to this agreement (Ramsar) under Royal Decree 64/2012,” the ministry stated.

Barr al Hikman reserve is a pristine web site with complicated ecosystems and special biodiversity that tends to make it 1 of the world’s uncommon reference web sites for the study of biodiversity and the sustainable use of wetlands in between intertidal zones.

It is ranked as 1 of the leading 25 web sites of international significance for migratory birds in the Middle East in the course of the winter in the migration route of Asia and East Africa, with an region of two,621sq km. The wetlands reserve is a tourist spot for nature lovers, bird watchers and wildlife lovers. It can contribute to the improvement and development of the national economy by focusing on figuring out the financial worth of the solutions and the direct and indirect values it includes that are associated to the sustainability of all-natural sources, according to the ministry.

Barr al Hikman peninsula types the biggest element of the wetlands reserve, consisting of coastal and inland plains of salt, mud flats and some salt-water lakes of special all-natural and geological significance overlooking the west coast of Masirah Island.

It enjoys special all-natural elements. It includes a variety of islands, estuaries, Avicennia, nesting and feeding of sea turtles, feeding and mating marine mammals, such as uncommon and endangered Arabian humpback whales, and a variety of coral reefs, seagrasses and a quantity of endemic species that do not exist in other components of the globe. They consist of Oman Clown, Carnaval corals, Hawksbill, Loggerhead and Green Turtles, Common and Red Sandpiper, vulture, cedar bird and the Curlew bird.

Since the mid-1980s, Barr al Hikman has grow to be a centre for study and enumeration of a quantity of water birds, which are carried out by volunteers and specialists from international organisations. It is concluded from this info that the region with big landfills and salt present therein is of fantastic scientific significance in the migration of birds as 1 of the main stations in the Middle East in the course of the winter period for thousands of aquatic birds for feeding, rest and reproduction, such as seagulls, sycamores and pterosaurs.

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Information Source: Muscat Daily

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