Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Bank Sohar supports Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities

Bank Sohar supports Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities

Muscat – 

Empowering disabled youngsters towards a a lot more prosperous future, Bank Sohar’s CSR programme has pledged assistance to the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities in Muscat for the eighth year. The bank issued a donation to cover the expense of coaching for members at the association, as effectively as parents to assist them handle the psychological, social, physical and technical issues of their children’s every day lives. 

The donation cheque was delivered to Sabah Mohamed al Bahlani, CEO of the Association of Early intervention for Children with Disabilities, at the association’s premises by Mazin Mahmood al Raisi, sr AGM and head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Bank Sohar.

Ahmed al Musalmi, CEO of Bank Sohar, stated, “The association is an important resource for early intervention in Oman and a demonstration of what organisations can achieve when supported by private entities committed to empowering valued segments of society. Sohar al Atta’s mission is to enable those who deliver support and enrich the lives of benefactors through sustainable community-focussed collaboration. The training Bank Sohar has sponsored will deliver added value benefits to the association’s team as they aid local families in their management of difficult circumstances. We wish the association the very best in all their endeavours.”

Bank Sohar has been closely connected with the Association of Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities for virtually a decade with a variety of initiatives performed to advantage its members. Previous engagements have offered common economic assistance to help the physical rehabilitation of youngsters and the association’s ongoing costs, in addition to the provision of educational supplies and studying activities for youngsters.

Sabah stated, “Our mission is to serve children who are at risk or those with disabilities with a comprehensive early intervention programme that covers social, therapeutic services and pre-education with the objective of having children enrolled in regular schools, schools that cater to people with disability or Special Educational Needs. The training enabled by Bank Sohar is of great value in our mission of ensuring the integration of children with disability and enhancing their quality of life. For that, we offer our sincere thanks and applaud their long-term support for people with disabilities in Oman.”

The Association of Early Intervention is the only centre in Oman to offer youngsters from birth, till the age of six years, with specialised programmes that cover all locations of developmental disabilities. The facility provides extra solutions from kindergarten to house pay a visit to programmes, an assessment and rehabilitation unit, a sensorial area and coaching field. The achievement of the facility and its benefactors is purely the outcome of grants and the donations received from social investors and CSR programmes.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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