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Bank Sohar rewards Al Mumayaz Saving Scheme 2017 Year-End Draw winners

Bank Sohar rewards Al Mumayaz Saving Scheme 2017 Year-End Draw winners

The events had been performed at Azaiba, Ibri, Salalah and Sohar branches marking the culminating sequel to the bank’s not too long ago held Year-End draws and the effective conclusion of the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme 2017.

All events had been overseen by the respective branch managers, exactly where every occasion witnessed the attendance of members of the bank’s executive management.

The Sohar branch celebrated the winning grand prize with Shakir Ghamtil and winner of the Year-End Exclusive Draw of RO100,000 Khamis Ali al Shamsi who won the Regional Draw of RO20,000.

The celebrations then moved to the bank’s Azaiba branch to felicitate Saifuddin Abdulkadir Katabji, an additional winner of the Regional Draw of RO20,000. The victory lap continued amidst celebrations at Bank Sohar’s Ibri and Salalah branches exactly where Salma al Mamari from the Ibri branch and A A A from Salalah branch, every won RO20,000 as element of the Regional Draws. Last but not least, M A M (minor) from the Salalah branch won RO10,000 as element of the bank’s Children’s Draw that was held not too long ago.

Rajeev Arora, DGM and head of Retail Banking, Bank Sohar, stated, “We really feel proud and elated that the Al Mumayaz Scheme 2017 culminated with such resounding good results. Each year, the savings scheme opens up to fresh enthusiasm and new faces as a lot more individuals realise the worth of its appeal.

“As a bank with a powerful client-centric model and a single that seeks to supply regularly superior goods, we function towards setting new records with every updated edition of the scheme, so that it continues altering lives for the far better, each day.

“Once again, congratulations to all the winners and here’s wishing all the others the best of luck in our new edition of the scheme that will offer even more prizes and opportunities for everyone to win.”

Since its inception, the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme has supplied compelling motivation for clientele to save and exert monetary prudence in money management.

Each year, the scheme is updated with new attributes, prize categories and elevated money prize rewards, producing it a single of the most diversely segmented savings schemes incentivising each demographic.

This year, the solution has emerged even stronger and a lot more nuanced. In a grand unveiling ceremony held not too long ago, consumers received the initial glimpse of the several innovations in the all-new Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme 2018.

Still retaining its distinction as a single of the industry’s most variegated savings instrument with a lot more winners’ categories than any other, the scheme has even a lot more thrilling prospects in shop.

Under the bank-wide draws (General Draws), the 2018 edition of the Al Mumayaz Savings Scheme gives RO1,000 every day, RO5,000 month-to-month (every for two winners) and RO20,000 year-finish (for 4 winners every). Rewarding minors and encouraging them and their parents to save, the Children’s Draw gives RO100 every day, RO500 month-to-month (every for two winners) and RO2,500 Year-finish (every for 4 winners). For a lot more info on Bank Sohar, pay a visit to the bank’s official web site or get in touch with 24730000.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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