Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Bank Sohar launches ‘Tomohi’ programme for enhancing skillsets of Omani youth

Bank Sohar launches ‘Tomohi’ programme for enhancing skillsets of Omani youth

Under ‘Tomohi’, the bank has devised a structure that will boost the information and expertise of youth looking for a profession with a concentrate on banking and finance sector, delivering access to higher worth employee instruction to fresh graduates.

Mohammed Mahfoudh al Ardhi, chairman of Bank Sohar, stated, “Bank Sohar is renowned for its commitment to training and enrichment of the national human capital; indeed, it is perhaps our most critical investment as a bank to echo the national agenda and contribute to the progress of Oman’s economy. Our commitment will remain centred on assisting the rise of a new generation of well-trained industry professionals that will come to lead Oman’s financial sector.”

The 12 months’ internship programme will commence on the July 29 and finish on the July 25 of the following year. Throughout the period, young Omanis will advantage from the bank’s Human Resource Strategy for raising the competencies of employees, featuring placements across a variety of departments, on-the-job instruction, technical and leadership applications, ongoing coaching activities, and exposure to a assortment of perform streams as a implies of diversifying their overall performance and studying encounter.

Mahira Saleh al Raisi, AGM and head of Human Resources at Bank Sohar, added, “By taking the youth under our wing, we are laying the building blocks for the future. An important element of our new skill enhancement programme is the one-year duration of our engagement with the Omani youth, which will be coupled with an encouraging environment to refine and apply skills on the job, incredibly attractive to prospective employers.”

Young Omanis holding a Bachelors’ Degree in a enterprise-connected specialisation and exhibiting bilingual expertise in English and Arabic with a cumulative GPA of two.75 or much more are eligible to apply in the programme in between May two and 10.

The choice procedure will see interns shortlisted via assessment and interviews that will be carried out in an open manner to allow fair and equal access to accessible internship possibilities supplied by the Bank. The chosen candidates will get invitations for internship in departments that assistance their qualifications and locations of study. A complete induction plan for these accepted will take location to make certain a smooth integration inside the Bank’s functioning atmosphere, with normal overall performance critiques, monitoring and feedback all through the year. In order to assistance enhancing their encounter, interns will be getting month-to-month allowance at the finish of every month.

Mahira stated, “During the internship period with the bank, interns will be treated with the same degree of professionalism as a regular employee. They will not be seen as visitors; instead, the bank will provide them with the opportunity to work on and be involved on on-going projects. We have ensured a dedicated person will supervise the interns by conducting regular performance reviews. The supervisor will provide on-going feedback to the intern.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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