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Bank Sohar honoured by Omani Association for Elderly Friends

Bank Sohar honoured by Omani Association for Elderly Friends

Members of the association effectively exhibited items right after participating in sponsored coaching sessions, demonstrating the sustainable worth delivered by the bank’s social studying initiative.

Attending the exhibition from Bank Sohar was Salim Hamed al Harthi, acting head CR at the Ibra branch, who received a token of appreciation from Badriya Ahmed al Saifi, centre manager of the Omani Association for Elderly Friends. The occasion was held below the patronage of Abdullah Bin Hamad al Harthy, director of the Department of Sports Affairs in North Sharqiyah, with attendees from schools across the governorate, members and volunteers of the association and the common public.

Ahmed al Musalmi, CEO of Bank Sohar, mentioned, “Maintaining our long-term support for the association is integral to furthering our work to empower people and contributing to the sustainable growth of society in Oman. The Sohar al Atta Convoy enhanced our partnership said civil society organisation and succeeded in its aim of equipping senior citizens with the means of producing handicrafts as a source of income. We are incredibly grateful to receive this honour from the Omani Association for Elderly Friends, and we wish to take this opportunity to congratulate its members on their success at the exhibition and acknowledge the efforts of volunteers at the association.”

Bank Sohar’s assistance for the association comprises element of a complete social outreach programme delivered below ‘Sohar al Atta’. This contains investments in childcare centres, organisations that assistance the disabled and other charitable causes. Over the years, Bank Sohar has supported more than 30 organisations about the sultanate below its social duty programme, striving to make sure that contributions are cautiously planned and evaluated in order to attain the maximum quantity of folks inspiring good assistance and meaningful modify.

Hamed Salim al Kindi, chairman of the Omani Association for Elderly Friends, mentioned, “The exhibition was a fantastic outcome following the sponsored workshops attended by our members. The event demonstrated how investments in training can enable outstanding results in all segments of society, be it local youth, middle-aged citizens or the elderly. We are eternally grateful to have private organisations assist us in our work to provide quality care for Oman’s senior citizens, particularly when it comes to empowering them towards a more sustainable future. We thank Bank Sohar for its longstanding support and honour them with this token of appreciation, as well as the heartfelt thanks of volunteers and members alike.”

The Omani Association for Elderly Friends is a non-profit organisation registered below the Ministry of Social Development. Established in 2011, the association functions with public and private sector entities, as effectively as other philanthropic organisations to make sure the effectively-getting of senior citizens. It has undertaken the mission of facilitating the day-to-day effectively-getting of neighborhood communities.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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