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Bank Muscat rewards RO743,000 to Al Mazyona monthly prize winners in Ibri

Bank Muscat rewards RO743,000 to Al Mazyona month-to-month prize winners in Ibri

The month-to-month prizes for January shared by winners across all regions totalled RO743,000. The prize draw ceremony held at Ibri Fort was attended by dignitaries, higher savings balance consumers and management team members of the bank.

For the third year in operating, Oman’s flagship savings scheme has retained the total prize funds at RO10mn. As on date, Al Mazyona is the largest prize funds in Oman and the area.

Abdulnasir al Raisi, deputy common manager, Premier Banking, in the welcome address stated, “For more than 25 years, Al Mazyona has rewarded several consumers and enriched their lives. Big prize funds is not the only attraction of Al Mazyona, which is created to transform the lives of prudent savers.

The scheme is targeted to inculcate a powerful savings habit amongst citizens accountable for the future improvement of Oman. With Al Mazyona, Bank Muscat is delighted to elevate the Premier banking service to unparalleled heights. Committed to additional enhancing service to the premier segment, the bank’s technique focuses on differentiated and specialised banking encounter distinguishing Premier banking customers from competitors.”

The 2018 Al Mazyona savings scheme guarantees a lot more prizes for a lot more winners in all regions. Reaching out with a potent get in touch with for savings, the highlights of 2018 Al Mazyona savings scheme consist of higher-worth prizes for various segments, such as females, youngsters, youth and higher-saving consumers.

The month-to-month prizes targeted at Al Mazyona consumers across the area consist of RO1,000 each and every for 140 winners and RO5,000 each and every for 28 winners.

The month-to-month prizes earmarked for higher savings consumers of asalah Priority Banking consist of RO20,000 each and every for ten winners and RO50,000 each and every for two winners. The month-to-month prizes reserved for Al Jawhar Privilege Banking consumers consist of RO10,000 each and every for ten winners and RO20,000 each and every for two winners.

Notably, Al Mazyona has retained an fascinating salary transfer scheme to reward winners with a fixed salary prize of RO500 each and every month for a year. All consumers require to do is transfer their salary of RO500 and above to the bank. In all, ten consumers are rewarded each and every month in the salary transfer scheme.

Adding excitement to festivals and national celebrations, the 2018 scheme rewards consumers with particular prizes. Al Mazyona continues to be the only savings scheme to recognise and reward loyalty for consumers primarily based on their association with the bank.

A particular prize draw providing RO2,000 each and every for 50 winners from 14 regions will be held in celebration of Eid al Fitr. An exclusive draw for Zeinah females consumers coinciding with the Omani Women’s Day in October is an additional highlight in which 20 consumers will be rewarded with RO5,000 each and every. On the 48th National Day, a particular draw will provide RO3,000 to 48 winners.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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