Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Bank Muscat extends support to Tour of Oman

Bank Muscat extends help to Tour of Oman

Muscat – 

Bank Muscat, the flagship monetary solutions provider in the sultanate, in step with its ‘Let’s Do More’ vision and commitment to partnership in advertising Oman as a tourism and sporting location, has extended help to Tour of Oman, which has attracted a star studded line-up of international cyclists for the ninth edition of the championship from February 13 to 18.

In all earlier editions, Bank Muscat extended robust help in creating the Tour of Oman championship a fantastic achievement. The bank aims to utilise the chance to fulfill its commitment to national initiatives, uniting citizens, residents and guests in sharing the excellent occasions and discovering the joy of getting connected.

Bank Muscat attaches fantastic significance to initiatives aimed at contributing to the country’s progress and improvement in all arenas, such as sports.

By encouraging sporting activities, the bank seeks to set a fine instance of advertising excellent wellness and wholesome living, thereby motivating other individuals to adhere to suit.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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