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Bank Muscat celebrates 48 years of Oman’s Renaissance achievements

Bank Muscat celebrates 48 years of Oman’s Renaissance achievements

The chance was utilised by staff to express gratitude and admiration for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the beloved leader of Oman, and commemorate the Renaissance achievements of Oman beneath his leadership in the course of the previous 48 years.

Brightly decorated with the national colours of red, green and white, a festive atmosphere prevailed at the head workplace exactly where the bank’s senior Management Team joined the celebrations in honour of His Majesty the Sultan. The highlights of the celebrations integrated reside performances by the Royal Guard of Oman (RGO) Steel band, well-liked folklore bands and Omani crafts exhibition. Visitors to the bank joined the celebrations commemorating the sultanate’s heritage and culture. Whipping up the excitement, the bank hosted the unique Al Mazyona National Day prize draw providing a total prize cash of RO144,000 shared by 48 clients across the sultanate who won RO3,000 each and every.

AbdulRazak Ali Issa, chief executive, stated, “On the occasion of 48th National Day, Bank Muscat is honoured to congratulate and extend best wishes to His Majesty the Sultan, the architect of modern Oman. The great occasion is celebrated with pride as the progress made during the past 48 years of the blessed Renaissance led by His Majesty the Sultan has elevated the sultanate to a unique position in the world. The journey was not easy, but pursued with strong resolve, dedicated efforts and great sacrifices, which have yielded lasting benefits to citizens and residents.”

Issa added, “Great achievements are the results of inspiring leadership. The all-round progress, development and the glorious achievements witnessed by the sultanate are the result of His Majesty the Sultan’s farsighted vision which encapsulates the roadmap for the present as well as the future development march in the sultanate encompassing all spheres. During the Renaissance years, Omani citizens have been the basis and focus of development which is well reflected in the qualified national cadres occupying important positions in all fields. Complementing the impressive achievements made by the sultanate under the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, Bank Muscat remains committed to contributing to further progress of the nation, prosperity and welfare for all.”

The celebrations evocatively showcased the country’s rick folklore music and conventional crafts, providing the chance to interact with veteran craftsmen pursuing some of the country’s well-liked conventional crafts. The initiative was aimed at showcasing the sultanate’s distinct attractions and vibrant heritage and

Bank Muscat is closely involved in the country’s tourism improvement projects, complementing the government endeavours to market Oman as a distinctive location.

The bank’s employees also paid wealthy tributes to His Majesty the Sultan and the glorious Renaissance achievements by means of poetry and musical performances. As the nation’s flagship bank, Bank Muscat seizes each and every chance, particularly occasions of national value, to attain out to citizens and residents across Oman. The corporate philosophy of the bank is underpinned by the wealthy Omani culture and traditions which finds accurate expression on occasions such as the National Day.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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