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Bank Muscat Al Mazyona appeal shifts to series of grand prizes

Bank Muscat Al Mazyona appeal shifts to series of grand prizes

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Bank Muscat, the flagship monetary solutions provider in the sultanate, in step with its vision ‘To serve you better, everyday’ and commitment to partnership in encouraging a savings culture in Oman, has lined up a series of grand prizes for Al Mazyona savings scheme clients, which includes an exclusive draw for Zeinah females clients coinciding with the Omani Women’s Day this month, followed by a unique draw on the occasion of the sultanate’s 48th National Day, and the country’s largest year-finish prizes.

The grand year-finish prizes totalling RO900,000 will be shared by seven winners, which includes the mega RO500,000 prize for asalah Priority banking clients. The finish of year prizes awaiting Al Jawhar Privilege banking clients contain RO100,000 every for two clients. The desirable year-finish prizes also contain RO50,000 every for 4 clients across the sultanate. Customers are necessary to sustain the minimum balance requirement in every category for 3 months to qualify for the year-finish prize draws.

Adding excitement to festivals and national celebrations, Al Mazyona rewards clients with unique prizes. An exclusive draw for Zeinah females clients coinciding with the Omani Women’s Day in October is a highlight in which 20 clients will be rewarded with RO5,000 every. On the occasion of the sultanate’s 48th National Day, a unique draw will be held supplying RO3,000 every for 48 winners.

Reaching out with a potent get in touch with for savings, Bank Muscat is committed to advertising the notion of savings amongst all strata of society. Guaranteeing much more for everybody to share, Oman’s flagship Al Mazyona savings scheme provides the largest RO10mn prize funds in Oman and the area. For more than 25 years, Al Mazyona has rewarded several clients and enriched their lives. The bank encourages everybody to save for the future. Big prize funds is not the only attraction of Al Mazyona, which is developed to transform the lives of prudent savers. The scheme is targeted to inculcate a powerful savings habit amongst citizens accountable for the future improvement of Oman.

At a time when monetary rewards and incentives are a premium, Bank Muscat is proud to sustain the special Al Mazyona expertise. The bank understands consumer expectations and Al Mazyona continues to make certain greater winning possibilities to clients across the sultanate, which includes females, youth, youngsters and higher savings balance clients. Every month, 24 prizes totaling RO440,000 are to be won by the higher saving asalah and Al jawhar clients.

The month-to-month prizes earmarked for asalah clients contain RO20,000 every for ten winners and RO50,000 every for two winners. The month-to-month prizes reserved for Al jawhar clients contain RO10,000 every for ten winners and RO20,000 every for two winners. The 2018 Al Mazyona savings scheme also rewards a big quantity of clients each and every month. The month-to-month prizes contain RO1,000 every for 140 winners and RO5,000 every for 28 winners.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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