Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Badr al Samaa Hospital installs in-bore MRI technology

Badr al Samaa Hospital installs in-bore MRI technologies

In-bore MRI permits the sufferers to watch soothing videos although undergoing the MRI. It distracts the patient from the claustrophobic encounter related with an MRI.

“This will be a comfortable experience for patients needing an MRI,” mentioned Dr Nevin Majeed, radiologist. The in-bore MRI addresses the 3 principal issues sufferers have although undergoing an MRI – a narrow bore or tunnel, closed feeling and loud noises generated by the scanner. Our MRI has a 70cm wide bore with a foot of space in between the patient and scanner, in-bore video encounter and sophisticated noise reduction technologies. Patients can listen to soothing music via headphones. Scanning occasions are also a lot decreased with a majority of MRI’s completed in 10-20 minutes.

Stress free of charge initial time correct imaging with the Philips Ingenia 1.5T in-bore MRI reflects the vision of Badr al Samaa to provide the highest level of image high quality in the most comfy atmosphere at cost-effective price.

Abdul Latheef, P A Mohammed and V T Vinod, directors, Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals, mentioned,” We are all operating with focused dedication and excited anticipation as we have installed the initial in-bore ambience encounter MRI in Oman. This new machine incorporates most recent technological innovations at the international level.

“This MRI technology would serve as a diagnostic tool. The new MRI unit with in-bore ambience is a revolutionary platform for many applications including cardiac MRI and oncology, which will provide referring doctors a unique additional diagnostic element.”

Badr al Samaa, Ruwi, a Joint Commission International USA (JCI) accredited hospital, commissioned in October 2002, is the initial Hospital set up by the Badr al Samaa group.

It homes much more than 50 medical doctors and provides major-edge treatment options and solutions and it has currently grow to be a centre of excellence that matches the greatest in the area with its infrastructure, technologies and experience.

The hospital encompasses cardiac care, neurosurgery, mother and kid care, nephrology, orthopaedic and all kinds of joint replacements, neo natal crucial care, extensive internal medicine, the most recent in imaging, laboratory, and so forth below a single roof.

Badr al Samaa is at the forefront of health-related technologies and experience in private healthcare method.

With the new MRI unit in Ruwi, Badr al Samaa has introduced the cutting edge to Oman in the private healthcare sector. Badr al Samaa has also pioneered the idea of preventive well being verify programmes and has produced a happy consumer base more than decades. The hospital has been regularly ranked as Oman’s Most Trusted Brand amongst the greatest private Hospitals and Polyclinics category.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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