Thursday, 26 May 2022
Badr al Samaa Hospital holds blood donation camps

Badr al Samaa Hospital holds blood donation camps

The camp was organised in the conference hall of the hospital. A team from Regional Blood Blank, Rustaq, which includes physicians, employees nurses and lab technicians had been present to conduct and assistance this occasion.

The blood donation camp saw an overwhelming response from all sections of society which includes Omanis and expats 75 individuals donated blood. The donors comprised the physicians and employees of Badr al Samaa Hospital, Barka and the individuals from Barka and Musannah Region. The efforts of Badr al Samaa had been effectively appreciated by the team of Regional Blood Blank, Rustaq.

Another blood donation camp was organised by Badr al Samaa Polyclinic, Khazzan in association with Ministry of Health, Nizwa. The team of physicians and paramedical from Nizwa hospital along with the clinical team of Badr al Samaa performed this occasion in which about 60 individuals donated their blood. The blood was deposited in the Blood Bank of Nizwa Government Hospital to meet future contingencies. The donors had been the workers of Badr al Samaa, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC), British Petroleum and Petrofac.

The Board of Directors of Badr al Samaa Hospitals and Polyclinics, P A Mohammed, Dr V T Vinod and Abdul Latheef, mentioned, “The importance of blood donation is paramount. There is no substitute for blood. Donate blood generously and save lives. It is a divine experience.”

Blood is crucial for saving lives and blood donation has turn out to be a main concern. The shortage of the active blood donors has a regarding effect on the elevated blood demand. The donated blood is employed for the wide variety of situations like for emergency surgical procedures, individuals of cancers like leukemia, trauma circumstances, and so on. We must not wait for emergency to take place rather, we must turn out to be pro-active and donate generously so that there is enough stock obtainable in our blood banks. Each blood donation can save up to 3 lives.

Badr al Samaa Hospitals and Polyclinics requires their corporate social duty seriously and believes in contributing to the society with the noble intention of meeting social and humanitarian wants. Their efforts have been effectively acknowledged by the society from time to time, which is evident by the response of each Omanis and expats for such social causes. Badr al Samaa has taken a pledge to aggressively function for such noble and essential causes, which can make a distinction to someone’s life.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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