Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Badr al Samaa Hospital, Al Khoudh organises CME

Badr al Samaa Hospital, Al Khoudh organises CME

The CME supplied complete updates and current advances in locations of urology connected complications, ailments and procedures. It was much more of an interactive session and numerous queries have been raised throughout the presentation.

The very first query raised by the attendees was about the part of tamsulosine in the remedy of BPH and also calculus ailments and discussion on side effects about which he told the delegates that tamsulosine .4mg is the selection for remedy of symptomatic BPH and expulsion remedy of uretric calculi. It was also discussed that the frequent side effects have been postural hypotension and ejaculatory issues.

But of late, it is not provided to sufferers awaiting for cataract surgery as it predisposes to floppy iris syndrome. The subsequent query was on cryptorchidism difficulty and when to operate. Cryptorchidism ought to be corrected by surgery just before 1 and half years. Any delay will lead to testicular atrophy and infertility in the later life of the kid. The difficulty of testicular cancer remains the exact same and has to be followed up.

The other query raised by the participants was about unique issues of painful swollen testis in kids. Dr Jyothis mentioned that when the kid comes with discomfort in testis, there is quick require for Doppler scan and confirmation of exclusion of Torsion testis, followed with quick surgery. If there is any doubtful diagnosis, it is much better to discover than postpone and loose the testis.

Dr Jyothis also appraised participants about the part of radiological evaluation for urinary tract infection in kids and adults. Radiological function up of UTI is extremely essential in the kid for diagnosis the illness, diagnosis of congenital defect like vesico ureteric reflex and so on and also aid in diagnosis of the actual illness.

Dr Jyothis has substantial expertise in managing urological and andrology procedures. He is the very first urologist to begin laser Ureterorenoscopy and lithotripsy in the state of Kerala, India and also Bipolar TURP. He has vast expertise of much more than two,000 ureteroscopies more than 25 years. He has 31 year post MCh expertise and began renal transplant surgery in Cosmopolitan Hospital, Trivandrum, state of Kerala.

Dr Grazina Boaz welcomed the gathering and as a token of appreciation, a memento was presented to the speaker by Dr Shafeek CEO and Dr Justine Augustine, basic manager.

Over 120 physicians from distinct disciplines attended the occasion. CME sessions have been a normal function in Badr al Samaa for the previous 17 years.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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