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Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals hosts CME on osteoporosis management

Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals hosts CME on osteoporosis management

More than 150 medical doctors from Muscat and other regions participated in the occasion. The CME was accredited by Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB) with two credited points to speaker and 1 credit point to participants.

Abdul Latheef, managing director, Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics, in his welcome address reiterated the commitment and legacy of the group in imparting sophisticated healthcare education as an integral element of its healthcare solutions. He talked about that CMEs organised by Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics have usually been the worth adds to the medical doctors of the sultanate and the group’s most crucial contribution to the private healthcare program of the sultanate. He welcomed all medical doctors, much more than 150 in numbers, from distinct specialisations specifically Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Neurology, General Medicine, Anaesthesia, Urology, and so forth, who come across such osteoporotic individuals each day. Latheef laid emphasis that such understanding adds will undoubtedly assist establish the most apt line of remedy for the individuals by medical doctors.

The principal speaker of the occasion, Dr Ramesh Gomez, MD, DM, specialist endocrinologist at the group’s Al Khoudh Hospital (JCI Accredited), in his presentation discussed the multi-dimensional method necessary to treat the individuals of osteoporosis (a situation in which the bones grow to be brittle and fragile from loss of bone mass).

He stated 1 out of two ladies and 1 out of 5 guys above the age of 50 years are suspected to be osteoporotic and shockingly 70 per cent of such individuals are undiagnosed and ignorant of their situation due to lack of understanding and correct method. He stated that specific modification in the method can assist treat such individuals like enhancing their calcium and vitamin D Levels, quitting smoking, escalating physical activities, posture corrections and enhancing bone mass. He requested all medical doctors to stick to the symptoms and establish the correct diagnostic method to diagnose osteoporosis individuals to stop them from fractures or broken bones, specifically in the elderly. Dr Gomez becoming the extremely certified and skilled endocrinologist of the area is nicely acclaimed in his field. He frequently treats such individuals with his special patient-centric method. Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics has the most crucial and complete modality of diagnosing osteoporosis – Dexa Scan.

The CME Interactive session was extremely participative this session was moderated by the group CEO of Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics, Dr Shafeek Muhammmed. Gynaecologists, Orthopaedics, Anaesthetics and General Medicine Specialists posted scientific queries to Dr Gomez who answered them nicely with case references. Dr Mohammed, becoming a certified and skilled anesthetic as nicely, place light on the correct method which anaesthetics must established in providing anaesthesia to such individuals in surgical circumstances. Dr V T Vinod, managing director Badr al Samaa Group of Hospitals and Polyclinics, unveiled ‘Diabetes &amp Hypertension Record Book’. The book was unveiled in line with the launch of very first of its type club in the area – Diabetes and Hypertension Club. Dr Vinod stated, “Patients enrolling for this club will get exclusive membership rewards like 25 per cent discount on consultation for six months, patient info literature, invitations to diabetes and hypertension patient meets, and so forth. He stated that this initiative will make sure customised remedy plans and patient-centric care by contemplating the recorded trend of their blood stress and blood sugar parameters. Two individuals of Dr Gomez enrolled themselves for Diabetes and Hypertension Club in the CME and they have been presented with Diabetes &amp Hypertension Record Book.

Dr Benny Panakkal, group health-related director and senior interventional cardiologist, Firasath Hassan and Dr Nithin Vinod presented the momento to Dr Gomez. The occasion was moderated by Dr Rajan K Cherian, health-related director and ENT surgeon and the vote of thanks was offered by Dr Sophie Mathew, HOD Gynaecology.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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