Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Awasr launches 24 hour call centre for around-the-clock assistance

Awasr launches 24 hour get in touch with centre for about-the-clock help

Customers can now get in touch with Awasr’s get in touch with centre for about-the-clock help. Trained client care personnel will be on hand to help and guide clients with any queries they have and liaise with other departments without having delays.

Commenting on the launch of the facility, Ismail al Shaqsi, Awasr’s head of Operations, known as it an additional milestone for Awasr. He stated, “We have, time and again, acknowledged that customers are our core focus; as the company continues its extraordinary growth, we can see a future need for 24/7 support and we want to proactively ensure that we are available to our customers when they need us. Being available to our customers 24/7 has always been aligned to our overall plan as we grow and expand our company.”

Awasr has not too long ago been recognised as the quickest broadband service in Oman. This accreditation from Ookla, the organization behind Speedtest, is recognised as the worldwide leader in Internet testing and evaluation. Awasr’s ‘Oman’s Fastest Broadband Network’ award is a confirmation of commitment for customers who have come to rely on Awasr for all their Internet requirements.

Awasr’s broadband fibre optic packages, combined with assured solutions, are tailored to cater to organizations as nicely as folks in the nation. As the quickest expanding service provider, it has produced option, ease and comfort a necessity for clients the extra new destinations inside the capital location are proof of its commitment to shoppers, who now want to merely dial 80001000 anytime for care and help.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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