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A’Saffa Foods’ skin-on fresh and frozen chicken offers tasty goodness

A’Saffa Foods’ skin-on fresh and frozen chicken gives tasty goodness

It is therefore no surprise that A’Saffa’s skin on chicken has received praise from Basil Elhaj, a well-known Jordanian meals blogger who travels about the globe to taste delicacies from distinct nations in a video uploaded by him on his YouTube channel. Elhaj was in Salalah in the course of the khareef festival and tasted the well-known Omani ‘Madbi’, a grilled chicken dish that is cooked on standard hot stones at A’Saffa’s stall in Iteen.

Describing his encounter in detail in his video, Elhaj stated, “I have eaten so many ‘Madbi’ dishes, but this dish cannot be compared to any of my previous experiences for many reasons; this is the best chicken skin I’ve eaten in my life. The skin is both crispy and soft at the same time, and even post barbequing the chicken has managed to retain its juiciness, making it simply perfect in taste. Of course, the spices that have been used with the chicken and the grilling method have also gone a long way in making this dish magnificent.”

He added, “When the chicken skin is perfect, what is underneath will definitely be delicious. A delicious chicken meal depends on the base ingredient – which is the chicken itself. The method of traditional Omani-style barbecue grilling, and the freshness of the chicken itself, make this ‘Madbi’ meal the most delicious chicken meal I have eaten in my entire life.”

Sidhartha Lenka, head of Marketing and Sales, A’Saffa Foods, stated, “We are thrilled that our skin-on chicken was relished by a pioneering food blogger like Elhaj. His vlog is a testimony to our brand’s uncompromised quality, taste and freshness. We will continue our commitment to achieving excellence and setting new benchmarks in all activities aimed at achieving consumer satisfaction and delight. A’Saffa skin-on fresh, as well as frozen chicken are safe, and are a validation of our Halal-certified slaughtering process and confirmation of a global standards processing facility, which ensures that the meat is untouched and hygienic during processing. Skin-on chicken contains Oleic acid which can control ‘bad’ cholesterol and is also healthy as it is an unsaturated fat which raises ‘good’ cholesterol. Aside from these benefits, skin-on chicken is also naturally tastier, as skin adds even more flavour and texture to chicken, with natural fats ensuring that the cooked meat remains moist and juicy.”

Located in Thumrait, the A’Saffa Foods plant produces higher-high quality fresh and frozen poultry items. One of the factors for the remote desert place of the plant in the Dhofar governorate is to make certain that the most stringent ‘biosecurity’ measures are in spot at the facility. Placing the farms far away from human habitation, migratory bird routes and other developments enables the organization to decrease any prospective danger of contamination or illness that could influence the farms that are situated across a 40sq km website. A’Saffa Foods’ Board of Directors have authorized an expansion program to raise chicken meat production capacity by 100 per cent and continue in their endeavour to foster and help meals safety, self-sufficiency and improved employment possibilities in the sultanate. The total capital expenditure outlay of the expansion is RO45mn, and has been authorized by the Board.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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