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Around 250,000 visit Musandam

Around 250,000 go to Musandam

The tourism season, which extends from October to April, shows an improve in tourist movement in the governorate in common and in the wilayat of Khasab in specific due to its scenic organic beauty and topography. Mohammad bin Abdullah al Dhahouri, acting director of tourism in the Governorate of Musandam, stated that statistics indicate that 249,933 vacationers visited the governorate till the finish of the third quarter this year.

Visitor arrivals to the governorate in 2017 stood at 158,855 and quantity of tourist ships stood at 34. He added that 72 cruise ships also visited the Port of Khasab in between October 2017 and May 2018. Dhahouri stated that there are plans to give approvals for the establishment and implementation of eight hotel facilities.

The complete tourism facilities are a outcome of the agreements signed by the Ministry of Tourism with some nations such as Russia, Iran and India. Twenty-six tourism businesses and establishments are operating in the governorate. A quantity of lands have also been provided in the governorate for tourism investment. Harim Mountain: Located in Khasab, the mountain is on an altitude of two,087m above sea level.

It is a appropriate location for cyclists, mountain climbers. The location also consists of some villages, parks and oases, such as Si, Khalidiya, Al Sahaseh and Al Rawdah that make it an best location for vacationers. Recreational activities: Omran signed an agreement with the Ministry of Tourism in April this year for numerous activities. In July, the organization announced its partnership with FreeStyle Divers, a specialist diving and water sports group in Oman, to launch a diving centre at Atana Musandam Resort to add new recreational activities in the area and market awareness on marine life conservation.

The new tourism activities consist of climbing mountains, trekking on slippery tracks, mountain trekking, cross-strait trips and mountain biking trails. The project will activate adventure tourism in Musandam and assistance tourism plans. Omran presently owns and operates 3 hotels in Musandam. They are Atana Musandam, Atana Khasab and Golden Tulip Dibba.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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