Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Around 150 including children clean beach

Around 150 such as youngsters clean beach

Sally Vale, academic director at TLC International School , mentioned that about 150 individuals in distinct age groups got with each other to clean the beach.

Sally mentioned the youngsters, employees, parents and buddies of the college have been in dismay at the scene in front of them. “We were expecting some litter, but not to this extent. However, Azaiba beach is not the worst example of people’s disregard for our environment. We set up a camp near the car park, provided gloves, rubbish bags (biodegradable ones from the municipality) and scoops and got to work.”

The team was also joined by H H Sayyida Aliya Thuwainy Shihab al Said and H H Sayyida Hujaija bint Jaifar al Said, chairperson of the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children. “Sayyida Hujaija also included the disabled children in the campaign so that they could learn the importance of conserving the environment,” mentioned Sally.

By 9am, the team gathered a lot more than 20 bags complete of rubbish, mentioned Sally. “One of the bags we examined with the children. We talked about the effects that various items can have on our land, oceans and the creatures. The focus was also on the extreme threat that plastic poses.”

Scientists estimate that a lot more than trillion pieces of plastic are floating or submerged in oceans. This has a direct effect on marine life with millions of fish, turtles, birds and other species dying yearly simply because they have eaten and are unable to digest plastic.

Humans are inevitably impacted as the seafood we consume has been identified to have growing levels of mercury, a pollutant derived from plastic.

Sally mentioned, “TLC children, parents, staff and friends invite all residents in Oman to join in our campaign to protect our planet. If each and every one of us reduces our use of plastic, disposea litter more responsibly and acts as shining examples for those around you, together we can make a difference. Work with us and remember that we’re in it together.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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