Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Anisa al Raisi becomes first Omani to ski to the Geographic North Pole

Anisa al Raisi becomes initial Omani to ski to the Geographic North Pole

The expedition which also integrated Lamees Nijem (Kuwait), Mariam Hamidaddin (Saudi Arabia) and Asma al Thani (Qatar), reached the North Pole right after travelling more than 80km on the shifting ice of the Arctic Ocean, according to a press release.

They faced freezing temperatures, open patches of water in the sea ice, as nicely as the continuous threat of polar bears throughout their adventure which began on April 15 when the team departed the remote Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. From there they flew to the floating ice station identified as ‘Barneo’ and began their ski journey across the Arctic pack ice.

Preparations for the expedition began almost two years ago which also integrated instruction in Iceland and Oman. Felicity is an skilled polar guide. In 2012, she became the initial individual in the planet to ski across Antarctica alone and with out the help of kites, machines or dogs – a journey of 1,744km that took her 59 days to total.

At the North Pole, Felicity mentioned, “The team has endured extreme environment and restricted living spaces with great humour and tremendous sense of adventure. They have held on tightly to their reasons for making this trip and each team member has been critical to the success of the expedition. “We want to send a strong and positive message about gender equality and the need for greater cultural understanding when tackling large problems.”

After a specifically gruelling final leg of the trip, the team arrived at the North Pole in excellent spirits. They have been met there by their sponsor Eugene Kaspersky who flew out by helicopter to meet and celebrate with them at the best of the planet. They have been also reunited at the Pole with Saudi teammate, Mariam, who had to leave the team on day two right after obtaining injured.

The team participated in two crucial science experiments throughout the expedition searching at the impact of the intense atmosphere on their bodies and on their minds. The expedition’s sponsors contain Kaspersky Lab, Omantel, Engie, Poseidon Expeditions and I Feel Slovenia.

Geographic Vs Magnetic North

Geographic north and south poles are determined by the Earth’s spin. They are the areas on Earth via which the axis of the Earth’s spin passes. Magnetic north is determined by the path a compass points. Earlier in March 2009, Omani explorer Nabil al Busaidi had grow to be the initial Arab to stroll to the Magnetic North Pole (which is various from the Geographic North Pole).

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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