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An Omani youth’s sweet success story

An Omani youth’s sweet good results story

At 24, Mohammed Said Mohsin al Maskari, is not however in the league of productive billionaires but he knows how to make millions from chocolate.

Maskari with his Dutch buddy Marten Cruts founded an international chocolate firm Cacao Truffle Factory in 2015.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Maskari, founder and CEO of Gain Inbound (element of MC Delicious Group), mentioned, “I had met Marten at the Gulfood Hospitality Expo in Dubai. He offered to join hands with me in this project. I immediately agreed and sold everything to raise funds for this project.”

Maskari mentioned that the firm began distributing items in restaurants and cafés in tiny locations in France.

“Now, we have two factories, one in France and the other in the Netherlands. We chose France and the Netherlands because of easy availability of raw materials. Initially, we had 120 part-time workers but gradually reduced it to 20 as we started using modern technology to make chocolate.”

Maskari mentioned that good results hasn’t come simple to him. “Many years ago I dropped out of university and I decided that I would commence some thing on my personal. We generate remarkable truffle created from Belgian chocolate. We prepare them making use of an old French recipe.

“Our chocolate truffle does not contain any cream or ganache, nor any chemicals, and has a shelf life of about a year. We have hired the world’s best chefs to make chocolate.”

He mentioned that the firm’s items are sold to airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, French airlines and some hotels such as InterContinental, Crowne Plaza and hotels in Las Vegas.

“We are proud that our sales in America, Europe and the Middle East have touched €40mn annually. We are working to ensure that our products reach more countries in the world.”

Achieving any dream in your life is not simple, Maskari mentioned. “We faced challenges as people were reluctant to buy from us because we were a small company. However, we were determined to excel. With patience and determination, you can achieve anything.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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