Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Alizz Islamic Bank pioneers marketing via virtual reality

Alizz Islamic Bank pioneers advertising through virtual reality

Adopting Virtual reality technologies as a advertising tool for the bank is yet another achievement to add to the planet of firsts from the bank. Alizz Islamic Bank was the very first Omani bank to launch interactive teller machines (ITMs), the very first bank in the sultanate to launch a Sharia’a-compliant prize savings account, the very first Islamic bank in Oman to launch a Sharia’a-compliant credit card, the very first Islamic bank in Oman to launch a mobile banking application and they are the most followed Islamic bank in Oman on all social media platforms.

Murtadha al Lawati, head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, sai, “Alizz Islamic Bank is proud to be at the forefront of digital tool adoption. As folks rely a lot more and a lot more on digital technologies to absorb info and communicate, it is essential that we as an organisation embrace digital methods in advertising.

“Virtual Reality activations enable us to engage with customers more efficiently and with greater precision. Using VR to promote the plethora of Alizz Islamic Bank Sharia’a-compliant products such as the Bushra Prize Savings account and credit cards empowers the customer to learn about the product features in a fun yet informative manner.”

Lawati added, “The thought behind a digital transformation is just that – to go digital. But the transformation shouldn’t finish at the solution level. Communication techniques are also altering, with folks engaging businesses a lot more by means of non-conventional, a lot more quick digital

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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