Monday, 30 Jan 2023
Alhilal Islamic Banking inaugurates its new branch in Mudhaibi, Sinaw

Alhilal Islamic Banking inaugurates its new branch in Mudhaibi, Sinaw

Muscat – 

Ahlibank, a single of the major banking institutions in the nation, has announced the opening of a new branch of alhilal Islamic Banking in Al Mudhaibi, Sinaw.

Attending the opening ceremony have been the members of the Shura Council who represent Al Mudhaibi and other dignitaries, along with a quantity of clients and senior officials from Ahlibank. This is the eighth branch for Alhilal Islamic Banking in the nation, whereas for Sinaw, it is the very first Islamic bank in the region. The branch will cater to the certain wants of people and organizations in and about Al Mudhaibi.

Said Abdullah al Hatmi, chief executive officer, Ahlibank, stated, “We are delighted to announce the opening of our eighth branch of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Service and we look forward to expanding our services to other parts of the nation as well and being part of the sultanate new projects and ventures.” Alhilal Islamic Banking is committed to making certain the very best achievable Sharia’a-complaint items and solutions across the sultanate. Based on the tenants of truth and transparency, the bank gives a quantity of Sharia’a-compliant banking options to each person, SME and corporate clients alike. With the launch of its eighth branch, Alhilal Islamic Banking continues expanding its operational network to meet the wants of its clients. The new branch is situated at the centre of the city. For additional details, contact 24577177.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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