Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Al Zain Farms launches fresh and frozen whole chicken products

Al Zain Farms launches fresh and frozen complete chicken goods

The factory is spread across 16sq km region at Bumsika in Sinaw and has totally integrated automated hi-tech European gear and machinery.

Shabbir Boriyawala, chairman of Al Zain Farms mentioned, “Our chicken are hand-slaughtered in accordance with the Islamic Sharia’a rituals. They are fed 100 per cent vegetarian feed from our personal feed mill and are totally free of any antibiotics residue. This tends to make certain that we bring leading-high quality, fresh and frozen chicken direct from the farm, without having losing its freshness.

“Our poultry farm is equipped with the most advanced, fully-automated plant and machinery from leading European manufacturers, which ensures highest level of hygienic standards in the entire process, until packing.”

He added, “In view of advanced facilities and state-of-the-art plant, we are in a better position to offer quality products in line with the fast-changing global market needs.”

Al Zain fresh and frozen complete chicken is accessible in the variety of 700g to 1.3kg. Chicken components in separate packages comprise drumsticks, thighs, wings, heart, gizzard, liver or mixed cuts.

Yet an additional distinctive benefit of Al Zain poultry is that fresh chicken is air-chilled, which implies that there is no added moisture and guarantees much less probabilities of cross contamination.

Also, air-chilled chicken tastes far better as the organic juices are not diluted and consequently the meat is a lot more tender and flavourful. Being air-chilled, chicken cooks quicker and also the consumer is paying 7-10 per cent much less than what he pays for standard water-chilled chicken.

Customers can appreciate crispy skin and photo-excellent roasted chicken. 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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