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Al Nu’man Park in Barka houses animals from across the world

Al Nu’man Park in Barka homes animals from across the planet

Situated close to Al Nu’man Heritage House, it is a tourist attraction. Opened on November 18, 2009, it is situated on a total location of a lot more than 10,000sq m, in addition to parking space.

Ahmed bin Abdul Rahim al Balushi, owner of the park stated, “The idea of establishing Al Nu’man Park came about from my hobby of keeping animals. I have brought here a number of animals, especially rare and beautiful ones from around the sultanate, from other GCC and Asian countries.”

He added, “First, I kept them in my own farm. Later, I started to make cages and put the animals in them. Then, I got the idea of a zoo, and bought a number of neighbouring farms.”

Regarding the objective of the park, Balushi stated that it is to make individuals pleased, and the nation in require of such uncommon projects which can offer recreation for households and also act as an educational tool for youngsters.

Besides domesticated animals, the zoo has reptiles and birds. Apart from a leopard brought from Italy, the zoo also has a lion, hyenas, foxes, nymphs, different snakes, crocodiles and numerous species of monkeys. In addition, it also homes raccoons, deer, horses and other animals.

Balushi added, “We also have several types of birds such as chicken, ducks, geese, ostrich, peacocks, eagles and falcons. I have put up a short profile about each animal in front of each cage, so that visitors, particularly schoolchildren get information regarding these animals.”

Al Nu’man Park is equipped with a quantity of specialised workers to take care of animals. “We have veterinarians to ensure good health of animals. We also ensure the animals are well-fed. Animals such as the lion and the tiger need 8kg of meat daily.”

He pointed out that the park also gives rest and accommodation for guests at nominal costs.

“There is a swimming pool, a unique location for barbecue, in addition to a quantity of restaurants and shops. Recently, we also have set up a unique section to show heritage things such as old coins, postage stamps, standard old clothing, machines, different photocopiers and copies of old Omani newspapers.

The total expense of the project is a lot more than RO1.5mn.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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