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Al Mouj Golf Club wins Alfa Romeo Cup 2018

Al Mouj Golf Club wins Alfa Romeo Cup 2018

The fifth edition of the two-day tournament comprised the 4 participating clubs locked in an thrilling and competitive match at Al Mouj Golf course. At the finish of the championship, Ziyad al Zubair, board director at The Zubair Corporation, handed out the trophies to the winners.

Following the achievement of final year’s tournament, Dhofar Automotive, in collaboration with the Oman Golf Committee (OGC), organised the Fifth edition of the very well-liked golf championship. Launched in 2012, and rebranded to the ‘Alfa Romeo Cup’ for 2018, this difficult championship was the very first ever interclub tournament of its sort for golf enthusiasts in the sultanate. As such, it saw excellent interest and assistance from the golfing neighborhood in the sultanate.

Zubair mentioned, “Organising an event such as this requires great effort. I am therefore extremely proud of the astounding levels of preparations and the professional skill of the participating players and teams. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to every person that was responsible for the success of this tournament; one that is a perfect match for the stunning Italian Alfa Romeo brand. I extend my warmest congratulations to the Al Mouj Golf Club, the winners of the Alfa Romeo Cup 2018. I also congratulate the Oman Golf Committee, especially Munthir al Barwani, chairman of the OGC, and Lee Audonogmo, general manager of the OGC, on the success of the tournament.”

Rhett Maxwell, Dhofar Automotive common manager, mentioned, “The sport of Golf clearly reflects the core qualities of the Alfa Romeo brand – sophistication, sportiness and luxury. Furthermore, this tournament has, more than the previous six years, earned a reputation as the premier golfing platform to engage the complete competitive golfing neighborhood.

“We are elated with the success of this, the fifth edition of this championship, which we once again organised together with the Oman Golf Committee. As such, I would like to thank them for the continued support over the years and look forward to working with them again for future tournaments.”

Sabri al Mawali, men’s captain of Al Mouj Golf, the champions of the tournament, mentioned, “I am extremely thankful to Dhofar Automotive and Alfa Romeo for organising this event. It was an exciting and unforgettable experience and one of the most prominent sport activities of this season. Indeed, the great effort of all the organisers and sponsors as well as the Al Mouj Golf staff is very evident.”

“I am proud that my team, Al Mouj Golf, has won the cup and I would like to congratulate all participating clubs for showcasing amazing levels of skill, making this a great tournament,” mentioned Evon Middleton, women’s captain of the Al Mouj team.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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