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Al A’fiya in Samail: Destination for mountain lovers

Al A’fiya in Samail: Destination for mountain lovers

The village is situated in the south-west of the wilayat of Samail, about 25km away from its centre. It was formerly recognized as Al Hama, a name derived from the familiarity with bullets at that time.

The village’s name was changed into Al A’fiya for its gorgeous nature that certified it to be the very first cease for vacationers in the wilayat, specifically expatriates. About 400 citizens reside in the village.

One of the most essential tourist attractions in the village is Wadi al A’ssi. It is a flowing wadi in Wadi Bani Rawaha. It types a gorgeous sight in Al Mesqah valley as water overflows in the course of rainfall on the mountains surrounding the village.

The flooding of the valley attracts several vacationers to invest a day in the picturesque nature and amongst fruit trees overlooking the sides of the valley whilst the water bubbling from the best of the mountains forming gorgeous falls.

The village is surrounded by an old wall, partially destroyed due to climatic aspects. It connects 3 gates.

Inside it, there are a quantity of old homes known as ‘Al Hujrah’, which had been inhabited by the residents of the village, who numbered no a lot more than 30 citizens.

The homes had been destroyed, but the broken components nonetheless exist. The village has a tall tower. Yousef bin Sarhan al Hashami, a resident of the village, stated, “Although the village of Al A’fiya is in a mountainous region, it is characterised by the cultivation of all types of date palms and citrus trees. It tops other villages of Wadi Bani Rawaha in the cultivation of lemon, bergamot orange and mango.

He stated most of the villagers are engaged in a quantity of professions, such as raising cattle, beekeeping and harvesting thyme and wild berries from the peaks of the mountains surrounding the village. Such goods are sold in the wilayat’s marketplace and at neighbouring markets.

Al A’fiya village is linked by mountain roads, 1 of which leads to the village of Al Manakhar in the niyabat of Jebel Akhdar, about six-hour stroll by means of a series of mountains.

It is also linked by a shortcut mountain road to the village of Hadash in Wadi Mistal, 1 of the villages in the wilayat of Nakhal. It can be reached in 4 hours on foot.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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